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Keith Lehrer is an artist and professor of philosophy now specializing in the philosophy of art. He seeks to combine his art, painting, mixed media, and ceramics with his theory of art. In 2005 he was elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Publications and Lectures

Keith Lehrer is the editor of 10 books and the author of 9 including most recently, Exemplars of Truth, Oxford (2019). He has a forthcoming book, Ultimate Freedom: Beyond Free Will, also to be published by Oxford (2023). He seeks to combine art and philosophy in all these books but most notably in Art, Self and Knowledge, Oxford (2012). 

He has lectured widely about art including illustrations from his own art at the American Society of Aesthetics (slides), University of Arizona Museum of Art (three paintings), University of Graz, Austria (with show), Institute Jean Nicod, Paris (slides), University of New Orleans (slides, co-sponsored by the Art Society of Baton Rouge), University of Bucharest (four prints), Santa Clara University (with show) the University of Miami (with show in Coconut Grove) and Franklin and Marshall College (with show).


  • He had a two person show with is wife Adrienne at the Vincent Gallery, "Sand, Stone and Silk," in the Miami Area in January 2005 (20 paintings).
  • He has had one person shows at the Orradre Library of the University of Santa Clara, "Expressionism to Infinity" 2005 (16 paintings), and another at the Main Library, University of Graz, Austria, "Paintings by Keith Lehrer: Intentional Objects" October 21 until December 1, 2005 (26 paintings). He had a one person, one-day show at the Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences, Stanford University, at the conclusion of his year as a Fellow chosen to work on an art project. His work was displayed with that of his students in a show, "Dancing to Portraits", in 2010 at the Santa Clara University Philosophy Department based on a performance artwork choreographed with Karen Ivy at the DeSaisett Art Museum and again "Butterknife Paintings," 2013.
  • His art has been exhibited in group shows by Southern Arizona Watercolor Guild, Tucson, One Ear Society (member), Coconut Grove, and the Jewish Community Center, Tucson.
  • He has had invited shows in Tucson.
  • Cafe ala C'arte at Tucson Museum of Art, 2004, "Relations" at Epic Café, September, 2006, and "Cut Flowers" at Blades in February, 2007 and "Mixing up Art and Life" at Blades in October, 2013.


His art is in many collections of distinguished academics in this country and aboard, Austria, France and Switzerland, including a Nobel Laureate and his wife. His work has been acquired by various institutions, Vincent Gallery, Coconut Grove, Orradre Library, Santa Clara University, and Departments of Philosophy, at San Bernardino State University, University of Miami, and University of Graz, Austria, and Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences, Stanford University. Several works were acquired by the Sanger Clinic of Planned Parenthood, Tucson, Arizona.

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